Where to buy prayer rugs?

In the world where the material meets spiritual, comes the question, how important your janamaz prayer rug truly is? Well, for most of the people, whether they decide to acknowledge it or not, janamaz prayer rug is one of the sacred things that make their prayer special, in their heart and mind.

In the old times, when janamaz prayer rugs weren’t something just anyone could have, to buy one wasn’t something you could have done simply. They were mainly made on Arabic soil, a portion of them in Turkey, and they were exported usually in small packages. The prayer rugs were not something you can buy in the market, they were too special to be found there, so you would probably get one if your relative came back from the pilgrimage. So what we mean to say is that back in a day, janamaz prayer mat was a gift everyone wished to receive, and those who had it proudly represented it to the guests and those who stayed at their place for a while. The janamaz prayer mats didn’t differ as much since most of the travelers bought the same ones, but still, they were something that represented the religious house, like an ornament that is supposed to say “Prayer is constant within the walls of this house”.

Of course, that was back then, and now, as everything is easily found online, one must wonder, where can I buy a great janamaz prayer rug? Whether you decide to buy one for yourself, or one for the practicing Muslim in your family, you should probably know nowadays, the best a janamaz prayer rugs are made in Turkey, which in a way makes sense given that the Ottoman Empire gave the historical contribution to the way Islam is perceived today.

Besides, Turkey isn’t just the country that offers prayer rug designs with the Persian and Arabic motives, as their rich history has more than enough inspiration to come up with something that unifies both Persian design and Arabic simplicity. Turkish janamaz prayer mat designs are incorporated in the velvet material, to provide you with the rich mixture of sacred and attainable. Furthermore, what Turkey made is the real revolution, as they also offer travel adapted janamaz prayer mats.

The colors vary but they too are carefully selected for you to still feel pleasant, as that’s what prayer should be about in the first place, so Turkish designs include Blue Janamaz Prayer Rugs, Red Janamaz Prayer Rugs as well as Green Janamaz Prayer Rugs. The story behind the colors depends on a theme, and each represents something different, even though if you’re buying a gift, we recommend buying a green one since that’s the color everyone naturally associates with the Islam as a religion of peace.

Buying a janamaz prayer mat online can be risky, so we’d recommend you only use the sites that are specified to sell only prayer mats, otherwise you’ll end up with a cheap wholesale product.