What are the five daily prayers in Islam?

According to the history, the Prophet was given 50 prayers initially, but with the consultation of other prophets he asked Allah not to burden his people more than they can take on, and so Allah in final gave him 5 daily prayers. The five daily prayers are prayed in different times of the day, at a certain time, to keep us always close to God, in our thoughts, and life.

The five daily prayers are:

  • Fajr- The Morning Prayer that is prayed before the sun rises and is one of the most important prayers along with the fifth daily prayer.
  • Zuhr- This prayer is prayed at the noon, and is one of the longest prayers.
  • Asr- The prayer between the noon and the sunset is known to distinguish pious believers from the others, as half of the prayer isn’t obligatory, but is recommended.
  • Maghrib- This prayer is performed just after the sunset, or at the same time, and is one of the short prayers.
  • Isha- The night prayer that is prayed before midnight, and is the longest of the 5 daily prayers.