Reasons to buy a plain prayer rug

The culture intertwines with the religion, and Islam may have kept the originality over the centuries, but it was inevitable, and somewhat expected to see how different cultures accepted it. To some, it was purely Arabic form, and they sustained from an outside influence, keeping it as it was delivered. On the other hand, the Turks and the Persians gave their hearts to it, their culture literally became the Islam that we know and love today. Their designs are widely accepted and praised, and when it comes to a prayer rug, we all agree that the design matters. The role our pray rug has is not a small one, and to neglect its importance would be outrageous. Practicing Muslim prays five times a day, and when we observe the frequency, we notice that it also means that we use our prayer mat five times a day. It’s not a small thing, and when picking your prayer mat, you should also question your needs. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about what it is used for, and that’s why we decided on this particular topic for the article. The rich design of prayer mats we see today is surely pleasant to the eye, but sometimes, we need to keep things simple for the absolute focus. After all, we are praying, praising, and there shouldn’t be something else other than our Lord occupying our thoughts. Here are the mains reasons why you should consider getting yourself a plan prayer rug.

1. The ultimate focus

As we already mentioned, the focus should be on the prayer, and the sincere connection, so if you happen to be a person that isn’t as focused, then you the plain prayer rugs are your best option. Trust us, it’s a whole new dimension, and even though the designs are much more appealing, the ultimate result will be your uttermost satisfaction. Try it out, and see if it’s what you needed in your life.

2. Easy to maintain

The heavily designed prayer rugs are a lot of trouble, as you cannot really say when it’s time to wash it. With the plain prayer rugs, the situation is different. You can see every stain, and therefore maintaining it is a lot easier. We do want to keep it clean as that is one the conditions for our prayer to be accepted.

3. An ideal gift

While buying the oriental themed prayer mat is a great idea for a gift, it’s not as great when you don’t really know what does the person you’re buying it to loves. So, buy the oriental prayer rugs to the people that you know well, and stick to the plan prayer rugs when buying a gift for the acquaintance. Safe choice, don’t you think?

4. Spirit of the Prophet’s days

The plain prayer rug is definitely something you’ll associate with Medina, and the stories of the Prophet’s life, so prayer will definitely be something special, once you remember that the Prophet too had a plain prayer rug. There’s something about cherishing the old ways. Not everyone can do it, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Let us know if you have a suggestion, or why do you think plain prayer rugs should be preferred over the oriental design. We love each design, and plain prayer rugs hold a special place in our hearts.