Prayer mat design featuring the sacred heart of Mecca

The prayer is one of the obligations we take on when we decide to become a practicing Muslim, and for most of the believers, the prayer itself is considered the essential pillar of faith as it is the only thing we’re to do every day at the same time. It’s not just a discipline we require, but also the will, as the prayer is in its definition a form of communication with our Creator. The mere mention of it should calm us down as the prayer itself is a gift from the Almighty, a gift we’re to cherish in the best way possible.

As you turn your face towards Kaaba, place your prayer mat in front of you preparing for the act of prostration, you’ll feel a strange sensation which is not easily described with words. That’s the exact same sensation all of the Muslims feel when doing the same thing, as no matter where you are, in which part of the world you reside, you turn your face towards Mecca.

Most of the Muslims dream of visiting the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lives, as this place, more specifically, the sacred heart of it, Kaaba, was built way before the prophet Muhammad came to this world. Contrary to the popular belief that Kaaba was built by the prophet Muhammad, the history of this place speaks for itself. The Great Mosque of Mecca or more known as Kaaba was originally built by the prophet that is mentioned in both Judaism and Christianity, the prophet Abraham. So, while Muslims honor each prophet with respect, they honor their legacy all the same, and that’s why Kaaba is sacred in the first place.

Some Muslims never get to see it, yet it still is the huge part of their lives. You wonder how? Well, most of the Islamic prayer rugs feature the design of Kaaba on it, and while Muslims dream of visiting it someday for real, they pray on these prayer rugs, making dua for that day to come.

So let us present you with one of the most exquisite Islamic prayer rug design featuring Kaaba, or as we call it, the sacred heart of Mecca.

Turkish Kaaba Design Velvet Islamic Prayer Rug

This prayer rug is simple in design, as the main focus in on the Kaaba in bright orange. The black base of the mentioned prayer rug is what we find to be the second best thing about it, as it lets your soul wander away to the city of Mecca, with no distraction whatsoever. You’ll find this prayer rug to have the Oriental as well as Persian spirit even though the model itself belongs to the modern Islamic era. It can be bought as a present for Eid as you’ll find the message of the prayer rug to be universal while at the same time impactful. In any case, it’s nevertheless a powerful reminder of the fifth pillar, the holy pilgrimage.