Oriental spirit transferred to prayer rugs

To us all, Islam started out in a deserts of Arabia, and when we think about the history of Islam, we recall the city of Mecca, the place we are obliged to visit if possible at least once in a lifetime, as with that we complete the total of five pillars our religion stands on. Being a Muslim requires these pillars, and we start with the acknowledgment, the acceptance of Allah s.w.t. as that is what its institution stands on. After that, we pray, and for all of you out there who happen not to know nothing about it, it’s five times a day, prostration to the Almighty… This prayer, Salah, or Namaz is what makes one a practicing Muslim, and when it comes to the aspects of prayer, it isn’t something you can find in Qur’an, as it’s not written in detail. The prostration varies from region to region, slightly but still significantly, yet one thing is common within all communities. The prayer mats. People call it different names, yet the purpose is all the same, as prayer mats or prayer rugs are something we need to own in order to begin with the prayer.

Most of the Islamic prayer rug designs were originally from Persia, but with the rise of the Ottoman Empire, the mere design of prayer rugs had fallen onto the Turks and their Oriental culture. We recognize all sorts of prayer rugs, yet the solemn purpose of it remains the same. It is supposed to be the piece of the material that lets us experience the connection we share with the Almighty. Yet, Oriental tradition is more or less focused on the details and the two prayer mats I am to present to you shortly should tell a tale for themselves.

Heavily Designed Velvet Islamic Prayer Rug

The idea of this Islamic prayer rug lies in the details, and while the design itself does remind of Persia, the velvet material, and the attention to the details differ it from the rest, and even for those who aren’t knowledgeable, this certain design of prayer rugs is undoubtedly Oriental. What is the thing that we recognize a detailed prayer rug for? Well, it’s the fact that the whole point of this particular prayer rug design lies in the nostalgic moments that most of the pilgrims share. The doors, however, symbolize our every prayer to be one step closer to Allah s.w.t.

Flower Themed Velvet Islamic Prayer Mat

Most of the designs you come across avoid the mere mention of the flower decoration, as it’s believed the prayer mat should be scarce in design, to help us connect with Allah s.w.t on a higher level, and while some do honor this rule, this floral themed prayer rug breaks the stereotypes, with the light flower themed design for the prayer that we enjoy within the walls of our house. Still, it varies if you consider this one to be your best prayer rug, as each believer thinks differently.