Muslim Gift Ideas for Ramadan

Ramadan is the time of the year we visit each other more often. Whether it’s for iftaar or after prayer coffee, one thing is for sure. We bring gifts. The tradition of gifts today can be a hard one given so many options are at hand. Before, it was much simpler, as people brought what they had home. Today, it’s about buying something that those you visit will use, and not just pass to someone else.

You need a gift that speaks out for you. You need a gift that is related to the occasion. Let us help you out. Here are Ramadan themed gifts which everyone will look forward to. Some are more personal than others, just in case you have a family member to impress. Enjoy, and let us know if you have something else to add.

Personalized Qur'an 

A holy book is a perfect Ramadan themed gift, and not just for the fact you earn good deeds every time someone reads from it, but also because today there are plenty of options when it comes to it. One of the more popular ones is rainbow Kur’ an, but if you’re buying for an older person then you should probably choose the standard one with a unique cover. You can always opt for those with detailed chains, or even those that come with a special handmade casing.

Another great option is a pocket-sized Qur’an which you can easily order online. These also can be personalized with a name engraved into the covers. These pocket-sized Qur’ans also come in special casings making them easy to carry around. The next owner will love it, and you’ll be known for the best Ramadan gift ever.

High-Quality Prayer Mat

Buying a Prayer Mat as a gift is never a bad idea. With the variety of options online, you will find one that your cousin will love. Whether you opt for velvet one or simply the small version, the next owner will love it. After all, a prayer mat is a gift suitable for every occasion.

Buying a small one is recommended, especially if you know someone prays at work, given it’s not just impressive but also a practical gift. However, buying an oriental velvet prayer mat is more suitable if you’re visiting a house.

Unique Prayer Beads

Another personalized gift you can easily order online are prayer beads, and we know this is a great gift, as one can never have too many of these. Whether you opt for an electronic version or not, prayer beads are always a good idea.

Pack of Dates

Ramadan is the time we eat more dates than in an entire year. Which is why buying a pack when visiting is always a great way to share the bliss of the holy month with someone. You can find dates in special packaging to make it more appealing, but whatever the way, they love it, as dates are definitely the winning gift option for Ramadan.