How to choose the perfect Muslim prayer rug?

Whether you’re a practicing Muslim or simply someone who wishes to surprise your Muslim friend with an awesome gift, the following will most surely help you find out all you need to know about which prayer rugs are now the most wanted on the market. So, are you ready to dive in?

The Muslim prayer rug design is far different from the times of the prophet, as, with the years, different cultural standards came into play, but it still remains something that most of us see as an irreplaceable part of our daily prayer. To a practicing Muslim, prayer rug is more than just the peace of material to cover the floor. It’s the only material we see during the prayer, and that’s why it’s so important.

In the age before the internet, Muslim prayer rugs were something transferred from a generation to generation, brought from a holy pilgrimage in Mecca, but as the world progresses, things change, and we, like everyone else in this world choose to go with the flow. So, what do you think, which country now takes the role of the Muslim prayer rug manufacturer?

Well, who other than Turkey, the last stronghold of the old Islamic culture, and the country with the history of beautiful designs, colors, and materials.

Whilst buying a rug can be quite stressful, choosing the design can take just as much time, and if you do visit Turkey anytime soon, you probably will find this rather strange experience, but worry not, there are sites which offer just the right designs, suitable for everyone. However, there are a few things you ought to pay attention to.


Whilst praying at home size doesn’t represent an issue but when it comes to traveling, most of us look for a travel size prayer rug, simply to keep things practical. Even though some still believe the certain size of the prayer rug could potentially represent an issue, but that’s up to you to decide. It’s good to know all those designs you see online are also available in the size you need, right?


Whilst you can still get pretty much any material to cover the floor, most of the prayer rugs today are crafted to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and while velvet prayer rug is the most comfortable option, you can still go for the classic, although it may take time to find one.


This may be a tricky one given all the different interpretations of what a prayer rug is to represent. Some consider a simple prayer rug design to be a better choice, simply for the focus when it comes to prayer, but that simply depends on the individual. Oriental prayer rug design is just as pleasing to the eye, and it’s up to you whether you’ll see that as an obstacle when it comes to your prayer.

Now you know how to find a perfect Muslim prayer rug, isn’t that great? Check out the sale on our page and find the prayer rug that’ll make your prayer complete. The quality is still something available online.