How long does it take to pray?

Prayer is the surely the most important pillar of Islam, and while some argue it is the main pillar, we’ll leave that discussion for later. Praying is easy, yet the time that takes one to pray may vary and here is why. To some prayer is only an act without a zikhr, and to some, it is both combined.

In the mosque, it’ll take approximately 20 minutes to finish both, but while praying at home, you’re most likely to finish with it within 10 minutes. Why is so? Well, it depends on which of the 5 daily prayers you perform, but it is usually faster when you’re alone, for several reasons. It also depends if you’re praying during the day or during the night, as praying during the night is usually performed out loud, and it takes you less time if you’re praying quietly.

  • Fajr – the dawn prayer.
  • Dhuhr – the noon prayer.
  • Asr – the afternoon prayer.
  • Maghrib – the sunset prayer.
  • Isha'a – the night prayer.